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- Radio 1920’s - Age of Science o Claude Hopkins- Advertising as a science. Preemptive product claim o “Scientific Advertising” – 1923 o 1929 – Following stock market crash, advertising spending plummets. From its high of 3.5 billion, it sinks to 1.5 billion Great Depression - Research: study consumers to survive o Starch and Nielsen o 1932 Gallup Poll o Consumer movement - Product differentiation - TV 1941 - WWII Postwar Creative - Rosser Reeves – USP Product differentiation o Repetition in Advertising - Leo Burnett “inherent drama” 1955 Marlboro Man introduced - David Ogilvy – imagery and story appeal - 1960 William Bernbach- positioning – feelings and emotions. Introduces the creative team approach of combining a copywriter with an art director
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Unformatted text preview: o Volkswagon ads o Postindustrial: Accountability 1970’s-Results-Sales Promotions (coupon)-Budgets slashed-Demarketing Factors-Aging of traditional products with a corresponding growth in compeition-Growing affluence and sophistication of the consuming public-Competition, intensified by lower trade barriers and growing international trade-$ to Sales promotion 1990. Back to advg 1995-2001 crash til 2005 Interactive Age-Mass Media shifts to “narrowcasting” as technology empowers consumer TiVo, computers Integrated Marketing Communications Relationship Marketing > Consistency> Integration throughout...
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