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The Communication ProcessLecture

The Communication ProcessLecture - -This is complicated by...

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The Communication Process Source>Encoding>Message>Channel>Decoding>Receiver Advertiser Ad Medium Consumer Source>Message>Consumer Sponsor Author Persona How the message is said or presented is just as important as WHOS in the message. Situational Effects Where a message is said – our physical and social environment. The surroundings where a message is delivered, including surroundings and décor, and whether or not others are present – affects how receptive we are to the advertising message. What’s part of the physical environment? Surroundings and décor, for example. Our arousal levels rise when we’re in the presence of others Consumer Behavior - Goal of advertising is to persuade to consumer
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Unformatted text preview: -This is complicated by several factors o Internal and external influences o Every behavior pattern has exceptions Consumer audience-Consumers are people who buy or use products to satisfy needs and wants-Two types exist o Those who shop for and purchase the product o Those who use the product-Target market o Those target markets that will receive ads are the target Audience Five Stages of Decision Making 1. Recognize a problem 2. Search for Information 3. Evaluate Alternatives 4. Choose a product to buy 5. Evaluate the purchase Perception is Reality Perception – the process by which physical sensations are selected, organized, and interpreted Stimuli – physical data...
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