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COM267 Uses and GratificationsNotes - Uses and...

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Unformatted text preview: Uses and Gratifications a mental mindset of how we can talk about audiences Assumptions 1. Assumes a more active audience a. People choose what media they consume b. They make choices based on differing needs, media attributes, and potential uses 2. Media are used for gratifications gratification = satisfaction of short term need 3. Social and psychological factors mediate peoples communication behavior 4. Media compete with other alternatives for selection and use a. Viewers must attend to be affected 5. Differenes among audience members cause each person to: a. Seek out different messages b. Use those messages differently c. Respond to them differently FIVE PARTS OF RESEARCH FOCUS 1. The social and psychological of needs lead to 2. Expectations of mass media resulting in 3. Differential patterns of media exposure 4. Needs gratification and 5. Other consequences THREE OBJECTIVES OF U&G 1. Explain how media use gratifies needs 2. Understand motives for media behavior 3. Identify functions of consequences resulting from needs, motives and exposure...
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COM267 Uses and GratificationsNotes - Uses and...

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