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NEWS Newsworthiness - Traditional newsworthiness values: o Timeliness o Prominence o Proximity o Consequence o Human interest Types of news - Hard news – an event disclosed in the last 24 hours, treats issue of ongoing concern - Crisis news – events that pose immediate and serious threat to life, property or peace of mind - Soft news – human interest and non-fast breaking stories Effects of crisis news - News diffusion - Function and activity - Rally effects Other news effects - Memory of news is generally poor, but personally interest, background knowledge, story structure and disturbing cisuals can increase recall
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Unformatted text preview: -Gatekeeping is who decides what is news, these people delete, shape, and add info-Agenda setting – media determines what issues are important-Media gatekeepers decide what to cover and how much attention to give to issues-Agenda building – concerned with how public and media agendas influence policy agendas News Diffisuon – examines how quickly and in what ways people hear about crisis news 3 factors that influence news diffusion-Important or high impact event-The timing of the release-Audience demographics...
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