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COM275Notes (1-13) - The theatrephone and electraphone were...

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What should we be afraid of? Economic uncertainty Peak Oil Health Scares - Absolute relative risks - Eating bacon raised your risk of bowel cancer by 20% Understanding statistics Giuliani’s quote about the difference between Obamacare and socialized medicine in England Mortality rate – 2003-2007 Which term refers to the timed releases of films to ifferent outlets s domestic theatres, py channels/ video rentals Windowing Merchandising Radio is often more popular than television in developing countries because
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Unformatted text preview: The theatrephone and electraphone were early experiments with RADIO INDEPENDENT FILM REFERS TO WHERE ACTORS ARE ALLOWED TO IMPROVISE DIALOGUE FALSE FILMVIEWING THEATRES IS NOW MOST COMMON AMNG PEOPLE AGED 15-24 TRUE Who sells advertisng?-Networks-Groups – Gannett-Individual stations-Cable-Syndicates – when you have content and sell it thru a number out different outlets Quiz Show Scandals-$64,000 question Early TV-1960 – Color Tv-VCR o Sony vs Univerisal (1984)...
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