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JRN 108 Notes(1-28) - -Technology-Emerging class of...

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Know ALL DEFINITIONS from book Scribal Culture -The Power of Books - Ideas between covers - Origin of Species – Charles Darwin Book distribution Literacy Postal rates Why books are so different - Interior monologue (books can tell you what people are thinking0 - Quality vs. Quantity debate - Blockbuster vs. Long Tail o Harvard research – why read the second best book on the topic? o Grand Central (Warner) brings out 275-300 titles per year o Spotlight on two books (fiction and non-fiction) The other 61 hardcover books in 2006 cost $650,000 Technological Innovation leads to… Increasing democrazation of information as influenced by: - role of regulation - role of market Magazine – a periodical containing a collection of articles, stories, pictures, or other features Four elements contributing to magazine expansion in late 1800’s
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Unformatted text preview: -Technology-Emerging class of professional writers-Evolution of national brands & national advertising-Congress enacted new postal regulations in 1879 Magazines help correlate society Unifying force in American life Industrial revolution and magazine technology Era of democratic reading Specialization in publishing Top 100 consumer magazines – ‘09 Economies of scale-Fixed costs o Personnel o Office space o Technology Consumer magazines-Time-Newsweek-The Week (British)-People-Us-Sunday Supplements-Sports-Men’s magazines Women’s Magazines-Better homes ans gardens-Good housekeeping-Family circle-Women’s day Young women’s magazines-Glamour -17 Fashion-Vogue Bridal-Carolina Bride...
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JRN 108 Notes(1-28) - -Technology-Emerging class of...

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