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Radio Forces at Work Technological innovation leads to… Increasing democrazation of info as influenced by: - role of regulation - role of market Radio history - technology of sending audio through the air was originally conceived as wireless telephone (narrowcasting)- evolved into broadcast radio - money made initially by selling radio receivers – broadcast programs (mostly music) were to boost product sales - stations began to share programs as broadcasting networks spring up in 1920s - radio become an advertising medium and goal of programming no longer to sell radios - stations began to interfere with each others broadcast because of airwave scarcity - governmenr passed various laws – last abd most important was the Federal Communication Act of 1934, created the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) Regulation occurred because of scarcity and because airwaves belong to the public - Radio could beat newspapers on breaking news - led to radio – newspapers wars
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Unformatted text preview: and pushed radio networks to begin gathering their own news -1930s radio added live entertainment dramas, comedies, soap operas, westerns -War of the Worls -1938 -Radio was to Worls War II as telegraph was to Civil War nd TV was to Vietnam. Radio made war intimate to audiences and was radio news finest hr -Regular broadcastin of TV in 1948 meant radio would have to change to survive Theatrephone and Electrophone-Listening rooms o Problems with amplification o Required individual headsets Radio news advantages over TV and newspapers-more timely than newspapers-more timely than TV on many stories because: o less expensive to produce o more flexible o doesnt have entertainment Regulation Changes since 1980-Stations no longer needed to keep detailed logs of programs-Limit of minutes of advertising Business Impact of Deregulation-impact on revenues o increased number -...
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