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Midterm Exam #1 CMSC 436 Programming Handheld Devices Fall 2011 October 19, 2011 Guidelines Put your name on each page before starting the exam. Write your answers directly on the exam sheets, using the back of the page as necessary. If you finish with more than 15 minutes left in the class, then bring your exam to the front when you are finished and leave the class as quietly as possible. Otherwise, please stay in your seat until the end. If you have a question, raise your hand and I will come to you. Note, that I am unlikely to answer general questions however. If you feel an exam question assumes something that is not written, write it down on your exam sheet. Barring some unforeseen error on the exam, however, you shouldn’t need to do this at all, so be careful when making assumptions. Question Points Score 1 30 2 20 3 25 4 25 Total 100
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1. Short answers (30 points). Give very short (1 to 2 sentences for each issue) answers to the following questions. Longer responses to these questions will not be read. (a) In class we mentioned 4 fundamental components of Android applications. Name them and for each give a 1-sentence explanation of their purpose. Answer: Activity - Provides a user interface supporting one task a user can do Service - Performs background operations and allows communication across applica- tions BroadcastReceiver - Listens for and reacts to events ContentProvider - Cross-application database (b) Assume you have an application that is already running an Activity called Activity1. Activity1 starts another Activity called Activity2. Name one Activity lifecycle method that will be called on Activity1 after this point, but before Activity2 starts. Answer:
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midtermWithAns - Midterm Exam#1 CMSC 436 Programming...

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