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hw5 - NP-complete problem that is not parsi-monious 5 Prove...

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University of Maryland CMSC652 — Complexity Theory Professor Jonathan Katz Homework 5 Due at the beginning of class on Dec. 12 1. Arora-Barak, Exercise 11.2. (This result was mentioned in class, but without a rigor- ous proof.) 2. Arora-Barak, Exercise 11.8. 3. Arora-Barak, Exercise 11.11. 4. Give an example of a Karp reduction to an
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Unformatted text preview: NP-complete problem that is not parsi-monious. 5. Prove formally that the problem of computing the permanent of positive integer ma-trices is in # P . (In the lecture notes I gave some initial hints, but they need to be fleshed out to give a complete proof.) 1...
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