5 Things to Do When the Boss is Wrong

5 Things to Do When the Boss is Wrong - What to do when...

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Unformatted text preview: What to do when your boss is wrong ? it turns out that Apple knew about the antenna problems with the new Iphone, but CEO Steve Jobs liked the design . I dont presume to know what went on internally at Apple, but I do know this: when a HIPPO (Highest Paid Persons Opinion ) appears, prepared to be trampled. I do have a few tips for avoiding the trampling. Here are 5 steps when a HIPPO threatens your project: 1. Say, Great idea Boss! Well test it. This comes directly from Jim Sterne who introduced the term to me through my BNET colleague, Sean Silverman . This gives you some time. 2. Test with an Open Mind . So, it turns out that some of those people at the top of the food chain got there because they are smart. Just because it seems stupid to you, doesnt mean its stupid. So, test the HIPPOs idea. You may be surprised. But, if youre not and its a bad, bad, bad idea thenHIPPOs idea....
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