10 Ways To Manage Your Inner Critic

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Manage inner critic 1. The inner critic is a voice of chastisement. Before you react, listen carefully. How does it speak and what is it saying? Does it speak truth? Acknowledging self-doubt and identifying means of change can quiet an overactive inner critic. 2. Realize your inner critic is a voice within you, but is not the whole of you. It is often the echo of advice given long ago by parents, teachers, well-meaning friends, and even enemies. Let go of that which is no longer pertinent. 3. Praise yourself. Each time your inner critic attempts to discount your ideas or skills, counter it by expressing a positive statement about yourself. Write it down and display it somewhere prominent so you see it often. 4. The inner critic begins as a protector but can become a destroyer when it leads to self- punishment. When you feel your inner critic has become a stumbling block on the path of creative thinking, identify the underlying fear. Understand that avoiding vulnerability is not worth sacrificing creativity.
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