Conquer Your Challenges

Conquer Your Challenges - October 24, 2011 Whenever Im...

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Unformatted text preview: October 24, 2011 Whenever Im discussing a challenge oh, all right, whenever Im whining about something my wife only lasts about 30 seconds before she says, Okay, I get it. What are you going to do differently? Hearing the same thing time after time could be pretty irritating except shes right. The only way to overcome a problem is to do something differently. But heres an even better approach: Instead of waiting until youre forced to make a bad situation better, why not turn a decent situation into a great one and tackle your challenges head on? Lets call this business and personal strategy The Five As of Awesomeness . (Then again maybe not; I might have just gone all Tony Robbins on you.) All you have to do is pick a few of these to do differently: Analyze Switch measurements. Over time we develop ways to measure our performance. Maybe you focus on time to complete , or quality, or end result. Each can be effective, but sticking with one or two could cause you to miss opportunities to improve. Say you focus on meeting standards; what if you switched it up and focused on time to completion? Measuring your performance in different ways forces you to look at what you do regularly from a new perspective. Shift benchmarks. If you create apps its fun to benchmark against, say, the runaway success of Angry Birds. Setting an incredible goal is fine since if you dont aim high you wont reach high but failing to hit a lofty goal can kill your motivation. Choose a different benchmark; look for companies (or people) with similar assets, backgrounds,...
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Conquer Your Challenges - October 24, 2011 Whenever Im...

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