MAnaging More Effectively

MAnaging More Effectively - Midterm From Arlington,...

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Midterm From Arlington, Virginia comes the following: "Managing Even More Effectively: What Gives?" As we have been traveling the country recently, thought it would help you to hear and see the "hot topics" managers are addressing right now, including: 1. What is Leadership? 2. What does it mean to Manage Effectively -- what are the essentials of Effective Management? 3. How can we provide even more effective Customer Service, especially in these challenging times? 4. How can we manage and facilitate better Partnerships and Working Relationships on and among our Teams? 5. How can we more effectively Manage and Evaluate Performance? So, for starters: 1. What is Leadership? Leadership, in our experience, involves at least possessing and practicing the following qualities: Commitment Visibility Accountability Communicating Effectively Being a Visionary Facilitating Team-Building Supporting Succession Planning Don't know about you, but this manager and management consultant has not only seen these qualities lived by the leaders he's admired; he's also seen a wonderful blend of both intellect and passion for the enterprise. After all, logic makes us think; emotions (and passion) make us take action! Who are you helping to lead today? How are you helping them?
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MAnaging More Effectively - Midterm From Arlington,...

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