Objectives of an Organization

Objectives of an Organization - Chapter 4.2 The future of...

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Chapter 4.2 The future of any business or organization is largely determined by its vision and mission. These are the critical elements of an organization that play an active role in planning objectives and strategies for the future of the company. An organization that lacks well-defined mission and vision often deviates from its path and fails in achieving its goals. Leaders with clear vision and mission can create new height of success. Where there is no vision, the people perish; the proverb is completely true for business organizations . The future of an organization largely depends on its vision, mission and objectives. It is the responsibility of CEO’s and leaders to set the vision and mission for the organization so that they can grow into a strong one. It is very important to communicate the vision clearly to the employees, so that they can play their part seriously. A well-defined vision delivers many benefits to the organization. It not only helps in defining the value of the company but at the same time guides people’s behavior. A good vision shows the uniqueness of the organization, its unique competence, what it stands for, and what it is able to achieve. The benefits of setting a vision
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Objectives of an Organization - Chapter 4.2 The future of...

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