The Top Seven Management Myths

The Top Seven Management Myths - Chapter 7.1 Number seven...

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Chapter 7.1 Number seven is the myth of time. The myth of time is you don't have eno manage people. The reality is you don't have enough time to NOT manag the manager and you don't manage, things go wrong. Then you spend all time putting out fires that never had to start in the first place. You don't hav NOT to manage people. Number six is the myth of the natural leader. "I'm not a natural leader so th good at managing." The reality is that a lot of natural leaders are terrible m be like if you had natural math skill. That doesn't make you an accountant good at math. You have to learn how to be an accountant. And the same i managing. You have to learn the techniques of managing and practice the natural, then maybe it will be easier for you. If you're not a natural then yo harder. But managing is a set of techniques and anyone can get better at practicing proven techniques. The number five myth is the myth of red tape: that I can't do anything as a of all the rules and red tape and contracts. The reality? If you feel powerle are focusing on all the things you can't control. You want to be powerful? F things you can control. Learn the rules; cut through the red tape. You don' to be strong. You don't need permission to spend more time managing. Yo permission to provide more guidance, direction and support to your people What's the number four myth in the workplace among managers? It's wha of the difficult confrontation. And here's the myth of the difficult confrontatio
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The Top Seven Management Myths - Chapter 7.1 Number seven...

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