What you can learn from making mistakes

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Chapter 3.1 Mary Mazzio, a documentary filmmaker, is used to getting knocked down. Years ago as an elite rower, she was cut from the U.S. Olympic team multiple times before making it to the 1992 games. When she started working as a lawyer , her first performance evaluation said she might lack the intellectual heft to succeed at her firm. Mazzio went on to make partner. Now, in her most recent career , she just saw the premiere of her new film, The Apple Pushers , about New York's Green Cart initiative to bring produce to underserved neighborhoods. Mazzio reflects on the lessons she learned from the myriad things that can go wrong when you're managing a team of 200-plus people, and chasing after street vendors for interviews. Don't get too attached to what you lose. With actors staging a fictional scene, you can shoot more takes. With real people being peppered with questions, this is not usually an option. "This is stuff we can not get back," Mazzio says. She still shoots on film. It's a beautiful but fussy
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