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PHYS 9:9 - 1 I really want to learn how buildings are made...

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1. I really want to learn how buildings are made and how exactly they work. I want to walk into a Church from the 1800s and understand how in the world it is possible that it is still standing under all the weight of such massive stones. I want to understand how bridges can stay strong and withstand winds and earthquakes. I want to know why arches are so much better than two pillars with a board on top. I’ve taken architecture classes in high school and done quite a good amount of model building, but those classes were more focused on aesthetics and spaces rather than on logistics and practicality. I’ve built model bridges, tree houses, circus theatres, and boats. 2. The simplest way to convert from one unit to another is to write the conversion factor for the two units as a ratio. For example, if I am trying to find out how many minutes are in 2 hours, I would use the conversation ratio of 1 hour : 60 minutes. Since 1 hour = 60 minutes, I can multiply 2 hours by 60 minutes / 1 hour since this is essentially like
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