PPE 12:5

PPE 12:5 - Individual weaknesses- Confirmation bias look...

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Unformatted text preview: Individual weaknesses- Confirmation bias look for information that we already think is true- Representative heuristic focus only on the relevant information- Unwillingness to admit that we are wrong Limited perception: accept the frame and context that are given Limited attention: Insensitivity to relevant information and sensitivity to irrelevant information (order, phrasing, surrounding, situation) Limited memory: short term limit of 7 +/- 2 Limited reasoning: People are inconsistent and invalid information processors Individual Strengths Computer builders: We build the machines, not vice versa Theorists: We develop normative theories for decision-making Pattern recognizers: We can see and extract patterns (faces, chess experts, nurses, pilots, art experts)- face experiment which person is from your class?- 90% correct indentification o Even old people, who had not been in high school in a long time, were still getting 71% correct- chess masters given 5 seconds to look at a board and put the pieces back in the right place o Able to do 16 out of 24 o Regular people could only get 4 out of 24 o Better memory, or better ability of remember a chess game Sources of Power- No suspicion that there was a basement, or that the source of the fire was coming...
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PPE 12:5 - Individual weaknesses- Confirmation bias look...

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