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“Proof” Film 1) How do we (as viewers) find out what we know about Martin’s past? How much of it do we see/how much is hidden? Whose word do we have to rely on? 2) Why is Martin so unwilling to trust? Why does he trust Andy? 3) what is the role of “proof”? blind photographer “thought it would help me to see” labeling proof: to show what’s in the photograph is actually there : what I sensed is what you saw through your eyes the TRUTH I like your style: simple, direct, and honest : “Why would I lie to you” triggers flashback of mom people lie because they can.
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Unformatted text preview: “She wanted an ordinary child that she could do ordinary things with… but instead she got me” taking photograph was a means of proving that his mother lied : mother lied as a punishment for being blind. “Does it matter if she lied to you about some garden” : yes, it was my world “Martin doesn’t know the meaning of the world” Partial --> eyes = source of emotional attachment [crying, sex, etc] You tell the truth. Your whole life is about the truth. Have pity on the rest of us Pretty expensive hoax if you ask me...
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