Hinsley "World as a Marketplace"

Hinsley "World as a Marketplace" - Curtis M....

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Unformatted text preview: Curtis M. Hinsley “World as Marketplace” 01:33 1. Displays of industrial achievement and promise for the regional or natl. metropolic, and the exhibits of primitive “others” collected from peripheral territories or colonies (345) 2. Hagenbeck-type tour = claim to ethnographic authenticity and sobriety (346) illustrated encyclopedia of humanity; progress of civilization 3. Barnun-type = sideshow of human freaks and oddities 4. Frederick Ward Putnam declares that it’s the Indian’s last opportunity to preserve their history (347) “… have about vanished in history, and now is the last opportunity for the world to see them and to realize what their condition, their life, their customs, their arts were four centuries ago” 5. Thomas W. Palmer wanted native groups to live on Midway Plaisance, a strip of land set aside for amusements and sideshows (348)...
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Hinsley "World as a Marketplace" - Curtis M....

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