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John Yim AMCULT 231 Professor Finn November 14, 2011 Curating Space and Curating Race In “Racial Geographies of Cyber-Futurism,” Madhu Dubey examines the positioning of racial groups, most prominently African-Americans, in relation to the futuristic perspective of technology. Stating that African-Americans are supposedly configured in opposition to the “cutting-edge of the future,” Dubey stresses the fear in the overrepresentation of blacks in association with the urban poverty. This view is inevitably linked with the generalization that African-Americans are intellectually incapable. This results in a visual and racial divide; a misconception that blacks continue to hinder the whites in creating a utopian, futuristic, and technological world. She concludes that African-Americans are perceived as racialized subjects that prevent the evolution of technology. If urban cities and the racial groups within these cities are represented as sacrificial sites of technology, then can’t we do the same with America in a more global
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