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John Yim AMCULT 231 Professor Finn September 28, 2011 Journal Blog #1 Defiance of Power Foucault elucidates that modern societies are founded upon a basic relationship of power and knowledge. He acknowledges, “Power relations establish the criteria for what gets to count as knowledge in a given society, and knowledge systems in turn produce power relations” (108). Because of this, power relations produce modern political states in which citizens actively participate in self-regulating behavior and, thus, positively collaborating with one another. But because abiding to laws and differentiating between what is right and wrong has become innate to these people, the function of power, as Foucault states, is now less visible. What happens, however, to the function of power when some people in a society fail to adhere to the dominant social norms? Take, for instance, when a nation decides to go to war. When the United States declared to participate in the Vietnam War and required the enlistment of soldiers, the concept of modern political states and of power and knowledge tells us that the citizens will agree and enlist into the war right? In this case, no. Social movements, during the 1960s, opposing the United States’ involvement in the war were established. Organizations such as the Student Democratic Society were formed and boycotts such as
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American Culture Journal Blog - John Yim AMCULT 231...

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