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John Yim Professor David Frye Anthropology Culture 222 21 October 2011 Reading Response on Claude Levi-Strauss’s “Structural Anthropology” Shamanism is a religious phenomenon centered on the shaman, an ecstatic figure believed to have power to heal the sick, and to communicate with the world beyond; shamans, however, vary in quality and degree. It is the obligation of the shaman to know all matters, in which humans need to know in everyday life. In “Structural Anthropology,” Claude Levi-Strauss explicates the process in which a community comes to acceptance of Quesalid’s, a shaman, abilities to cure. In relation to the shamanistic complex, Levi-Strauss emphasizes that the efficacy of magic, and the magic’s aptitude towards an integration of thoughts, implies the belief in magic. This is prominently shown when he states, “Quesalid did not become a great shaman because he cured his patients; he cured his patients because he had become a great shaman" (180). Levi-Strauss stresses the important of the shaman or healer, rather than the patient in a
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Reading Response #2 - John Yim Professor David Frye...

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