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Kenya Slum Outline - AAS103:TransnationalismFinalPaper...

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AAS 103: Transnationalism Final Paper John Yim 04:01 Intro : 1. What is human rights? Human rights ideas are embedded in cultural assumptions about the nature of the person, the community, and the state 2. What are human rights violations? Because human rights do not translate easily from one setting to another, conflict emerges. Violation results from one side opposing tenets of another’s belief. Thesis : In order for human rights to be effective, however, they need to be translated into local terms and situated within local contexts of power and meaning Body Paragraph 1: Introduction to Kenya 1. Focusing on the Kenya slums what results from it? 2. Kenya's capital city Nairobi has some of the most dense, unsanitary and insecure slums in the world. 3. Almost half of the city's population lives in over 100 slums and squatter settlements within the city, with little or inadequate access to safe water and sanitation. 4. Emphasis on slum communities of Kibera (section of Nairobi) why is there such a cultural difference when these communities are so close to each other? What are some of the prominent problems? Body Paragraph 2: Unsanitary Environments 1. “We have no alternative, we must resort to doing our business in plastic bags and throwing it outside,” says Grace Wayua, a mother with three children who has lived in Nairobi’s Mathare slum for more than half her life. 2. "Unable to leave their one-roomed houses after dark, many women in informal settlements
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Kenya Slum Outline - AAS103:TransnationalismFinalPaper...

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