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Globalization Jan 10

Globalization Jan 10 - Globalization01.10...

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Globalization 01.10  What is Globalization ?  intensified transnational movement of ideas, people, goods, and capital  Processes through which regions and their economies, societies, and cultures have  become more  interdependent  Intensified transnational movement  Pre-modern humans leaving Africa  Silk Roads – network extending 4000 miles  Help laid foundation for modern world  Exchange only limited to Old World and an increase in interdependence but not on a  global scale.  II. During Age of Discovery Old and New Worlds connect Colonialism and imperialism  Exchange of crops, human population (slaves), cattle, diseases, etc.  Communication leads to decimation, and eventually, death of natives III. During Industrialization New technology, communications, transportation  Level of integration = prodigious 
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  • Fall '10
  • Farnsworth
  • flat world view, trade w/ globalization, I. Archaic globalization, Contemporary Globalization Centrality, Intensified¬†transnational¬†movement

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Globalization Jan 10 - Globalization01.10...

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