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Homework Oct 19 - Jina langu ni Aisha Ninatoka mji cha Dar...

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John Yim Zoezi la Nyumbani: Tafsiri. (Due October 19, 2011) My name is Aisha. I come from the city of Dar es salaam in Tanzania. My father’s name is Abdul and my mother is Asha. They live in Dar es salaam. I am a student in University of Michigan and live in Ann Arbor. I live in a dormitory. I like my neighbor, Ann. I am studying History and Geography. I like history a lot. My friend, Anne says her Swahili teacher comes from East Africa. She says the Swahili teacher likes to sing. I like to sing too.
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Unformatted text preview: Jina langu ni Aisha. Ninatoka mji cha Dar es Salaam wa Tanzania. Baba yangu ni Abdul na mama yangu ni Asha. Wao wanakaa Dar es Salaam. Mimi ni mwanafunzi Chuo Kikuu cha Michigan na ninakaa Ann Arbor. Mimi ninakaa bweni. Ninapenda jirani yangu, Ann. Ninajifunza Historia na Jiografia. Ninapenda sana Historia. Rafiki yangu, Anne anasema wake Swahili mwalimu anatoka Afrika ya Mashriki. Anasema Swahili mwalimu anapenda kuimba. Ninapenda kuimba pia....
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