KUWA+NA-to+be (1) - 8. Amekuwa na malaria. She just had...

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KUWA NA Verb soma Present -na- / Perfect Tense -me-/-ja- Past Tense -li-/-ku- Future -ta- yeye Ana kitabu Hana kitabu Amekuwa na Hajawa na Alikuwa na Hakuwa na Atakuwa na Hatakuwa na wao Wana kitabu Hawana kitabu Wamekuwa na Hawajawa na Walikuwa na Hawakuwa na Watakuwa na Hawatakuwa na mimi Nina kitabu Sina kitabu Nimekuwa na Sijawa na Nilikuwa na Sikuwa na Nitakuwa na Sitakuwa na sisi Tuna vitabu Hatuna vitabu Tumekuwa na Hatujawa na Tulikuwa na Hatukuwa na Tutakuwa na Hatutakuwa na wewe Una kitabu Huna kitabu Umekuwa na Hujawa na Ulikuwa na Hukuwa na Utakuwa na Hutakuwa na ninyi Mna vitabu Hamna vitabu Mmekuwa na Hamjawa na Mlikuwa na Hamkuwa na Mtakuwa na Hamtakuwa na 1. Atakuwa na shilingi mia mbili. He or she will have 200 shillings. 2. Hatakuwa na kitabu cha Kiswahili. He will not have a Swahili book. 3. Hawana pesa. They do not have money. 4. Ana watoto wawili. She has two children. 5. Hana watoto. She has no children. 6. Mwalimu hana wanafunzi. The teacher doesn’t have students. 7. Mwalimu ana wanafunzi watatu. The teacher has three students.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Amekuwa na malaria. She just had malaria. 9. Sijawa na mitihani I have not had exams. 10. Wao wamekuwa na mtihani. They have had a test. 11. Mtakuwa na mtihani wa historia lini? When will all of you have a history exam? 12. Hatutakuwa na mtihani wiki hii. You will not have an exam this week. 13. Mlikuwa na mtihani wa msamiati leo? Did you have a vocab test today? 14. Hawakuwa na mtihani. They did not have a test. 15. Hamtakuwa na chakula leo. You will all not have food today. FORMAT FOR TEST # 2: Chapters 2 & 3 A. Listening: Words for Week 6 (20 points) B. Translations: Words for Week 5 (20 points) C. Singular/plural: All the nouns you have memorized in the Chapters 2 & 3 (10 points) D. Numbers 0-1,000 (10 points) E. Tenses & negations (20 points) F. Insha: Write about a friend or neighbor using either present tense or past tense. 10 short sentences. (20 points)...
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KUWA+NA-to+be (1) - 8. Amekuwa na malaria. She just had...

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