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Chapter 1 - Quiz 1. Sequenced Query Language (SQL) is an internationally recognized standard language that is understood by all commercial database management system products. Correct Answer: False 100% Student Response 2. Data Language/I (DL/I) structured data relationships in a data structure known as a ________. Sample Correct Answer: tree structure 3. ________ do not necessarily have simple structures. Correct Answer: Small databases 4. What are the three types of database design situations? Correct Answer: Database designs can be based on (1) existing data, (2) new systems development and (3) database redesign. Database designs from existing data may be based on data in spreadsheets or other data tables, or on data extracted from other databases. New systems development gathers user requirements for needed applications and designs a database to meet those requirements. Database redesign may be needed to migrate existing databases to a newer DBMS, or to integrate multiple existing databases. General Feedback:
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