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Progressivism - Progressivism A Goals of Progressivism...

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Progressivism A. Goals of Progressivism 1.Greater Democracy a. Direct primaries b. the initiative, referendum, and recall c. popular election of senators 2.Efficiency a. Frederick W. Taylor and efficiency-reduce waste and enhance labor productivity b. Robert La Follette and the “Wisconsin Idea”- efficient government- Follette worked passionately for reforms like direct primary, railroad regulation and workers compensation 3. Corporate regulation a. the trend toward regulation b. laissez-faire versus regulation regulatory agency often came under power of those it was supposed to regulate 4. Social Justice a. labor laws-ten hour workday passed and legislation passed to protect workers from avoidable accidents 1. child labor- age limit raised (varied from 12-16) 2. the supreme court and state labor laws b. prohibition
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Roosevelt Progressivism 1 st Term A. Regulation 1. Roosevelt thought effective regulation better than attempts to restore competition 2. He forced owners to submit to arbitration
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