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Glossary Human Impact on the Environment acid rain Wet acid deposition; falling of rain (or snow) rich in sulfur and nitrogen oxides. chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) A compound of chlorine, fluorine, and carbon; is contributing to ozone thinning. deforestation Removal of all the trees from a large tract of land (e.g., Amazon River Basin). desalinization Removing salt from seawater. desertification The conversion of grassland or irrigated or rain-fed cropland to a desertlike condition. dry acid deposition Airborne oxides of sulfur, nitrogen fall to Earth during dry weather. fossil fuel Coal, petroleum, or natural gas; a nonrenewable energy source that formed long ago from remains of swamp forests. fusion power Release of energy from fuel (e.g., heated gas of H isotopes) that implodes when compressed to extremely high densities. green revolution In developing countries, use of improved crop strains, modern agricultural equipment and practices to raise crop yields.
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