Glossary - Microbiology

Glossary - Microbiology - Prokaryotes, Viruses, and...

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Prokaryotes, Viruses, and Protistans MICROBIOLOGY alga plural algae. Photosynthetic protistans, mainly; most are members of phytoplankton. algal bloom Huge increases in aquatic algal population sizes after nutrient enrichments. Archaebacteria Kingdom of prokaryotes more like eukaryotic cells than eubacteria; includes methanogens, halophiles, and thermophiles. bacterial conjugation Transfer of plasmid DNA from one prokaryotic cell to another. bacteriophage Category of viruses that infect bacterial cells. binary fission Asexual reproductive mode; the body of protozoans and some other animals divides in two parts. See prokaryotic fission. brown alga Mostly marine, photoautotrophic protistan, such as kelp, with chlorophylls a, c 1 , and c 2 , and carotenoids (e.g., fucoxanthin). chrysophyte A category of photosynthetic protistans (e.g., golden algae, yellow-green algae, coccolithophores, diatoms). contractile vacuole (kun-trak-till vak-you-ohl) [L. contractus, to draw together] Organelle in some protistans; takes up excess water and contracts to expel water through a pore. cyst
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Glossary - Microbiology - Prokaryotes, Viruses, and...

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