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Unformatted text preview: Earth Report State of the Planet 2009 1. Any early earthquake warning system relies on __electrical_________ disturbances in the atmosphere. 2. In 2008, _64_______volcanoes erupted in large population areas. 3. Volcanic eruptions can be detected early by measuring __heat_____ production in the volcanic region days before the volcanic event(s). 4. Yellowstone NP is actually the site of an active __super_____ volcano. 5. The birthplace of 90% of the Atlantic hurricanes seems to be in lighting storms over _Ethiopia______ (hint: a nation). 6. The _dust_____ over the Sahara, when blown out to sea, may actually lower the storm formation rate in the North _Atlantic________. 7. Gravity waves may compress thunder storms which then may form into __tornadoes_________. 8. Bikini Atoll is associated with two very different things. What are they? ___Swim suits____ and _atmospheric nuclear tests_______. 9. What is the good news concerning Bikini Atoll in 2008? Much of the coral reef life has returned (70 % of the coral species). 10. The warming of the Arctic tundra is associated with the _______carbon bottle_ _________ effect which produces copious amounts of _carbon dioxide____ gas to be released in the atmosphere. 11. Approximately __25%___ of the world s mammal species are in danger of extinction. 12. Good news: the _Hump backed_________ whales are making a comeback. 13. In 2008 _100 s_____ of new species were discovered on the Great Barrier Reef. 14. In the _Congo_________, about 125,000 lowland gorillas were discovered in 2008-almost tripling the population. 15. What was the population tipping point experienced in 2008? One half of the world s human population lives in or near cities. 16. The Vivace system converts low energy water motion into high energy_electricity________. ...
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