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Video Guide - Modern Meat

Video Guide - Modern Meat - 12 Why are microorganisms so...

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Modern Meat Video (60 minutes) 1. What % of Americans is afflicted with food born illness each year? 2. What type of meat seems to be more at risk for food born illness? 3. How are modern outbreaks different from historical outbreaks? 4. Describe the first “modern outbreak”. 5. How is 0151H7 really scary? 6. What is HACCP ( Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point )? 7. How do all cattle begin life? 8. In feed lots what are cattle fed? Is this a natural diet for cattle? Is it bad for cattle? Why? 9. How are cattle protected from microorganisms? 10. How long does it take to get a cow to market? 11. What flavors beef?
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Unformatted text preview: 12. Why are microorganisms so easily spread from cow to cow? 13. How many meat companies control the meat industry? Why? 14. Why is “speed of production” a potential health risk? 15. What’s the recipe for hamburger? In a patty, how many cows may have contributed to its production? 16. How many infected carcasses does it that to contaminate tons of hamburger? 17. What is wrong with meat inspection laws? 18. What book started the move toward meat inspection? 19. How has globalization impacted food safety? 20. How much of your food comes from the global market?...
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