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Glossary Meiosis allele One of two or more molecular forms of a gene that arise by mutation and code for different versions of the same trait. asexual reproduction Any reproductive mode by which offspring arise from a single parent and inherit the genes of that parent only. crossing over At prophase I of meiosis, an interaction in which nonsister chromatids of a pair of homologous chromosomes break at corresponding sites and exchange segments; genetic recombination is the result. diploidy Presence of two of each type of chromosome (i.e., pairs of homologous chromosomes) in a cell nucleus at interphase. Compare haploidy. egg Mature female gamete; an ovum. fertilization [L. fertilis, to carry, to bear] The fusion of a sperm nucleus with the nucleus of an egg, thus forming a zygote. gamete [Gk. gametes, husband, and gamete, wife] Haploid cell, formed by meiotic cell division of a germ cell; required for sexual reproduction. Eggs and sperm are examples. gene
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