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Why Sex? Video (55 mins) 1. What single tread connects all life on Earth? 2. Describe the South Texas lizard’s reproductive strategy. 3. What are two “short comings” of sexual reproduction from the female’s point of view? 4. What is the “Red Queen “hypothesis? 5. Why were the sexually reproducing desert fish a moving target for parasites? 6. What does sex provide for the offspring? 7. Why can males be considered a “genetic insurance policy”?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Why should females be choosy in mate selection? 9. Darwin had a problem with the peacock. What was it? 10. What mechanism often leads to great morphological differences between males and females? 11. What are two modes of behavior often displayed in males and females? 12. Victorian males who had accepted natural selection had a problem with another aspect of Darwins evolution explanations. What was it?...
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