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Pierre Edouarzin The Importance of Accounting In today’s economy there are several corporations and businesses growing each year. Despite the fact the economy is experiencing some hardships, the demand of Accounting Majors is incredibly vital. Accounting Majors can be the most important tool used in a business to make some of the principal decisions. Almost no business can function without having someone who not only documents the money going in and out of the company, but it’s also important to have someone analyze the success or failure of any business financial investments. One very important aspect of a business is the responsibility of an Accountant to prevent fraud documenting financial transactions, which is something that to a great extent affected the Enron in 2001. There are several different branches to Accounting such as forensic accounting, private and Industrial, public accounting, and fiduciary accounting. The doors of opportunity are exceptional in provident careers for Accounting Majors. Despite accounting having so many
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