Syllabus, AST 3018, FALL 2011

Syllabus, AST 3018, FALL 2011 - FALL 2011 AST 3018...

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FALL 2011 AST 3018 – ASTRONOMY/ASTROPHYSICS I Section 5858 Tuesday 4 th Period (10:40AM – 11:30 AM) Thursday 4 th and 5 th Period (10:40 AM – 12:35 PM) Newins-Ziegler Hall – NZH 112 Instructor: George R. Lebo Office : BRT 11-A Email: Website: Telephone: 392-2052 Extension 4-1887 Office Hours: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM, Tuesday and Thursday and by appointment Teaching Assistant: Jesus Martinez Office: BRT 315 Email: Telephone: 392-2052 Extension 4-1854 Office Hours: Wednesday, 11:00 AM – 12 N and 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM and by appointment Text: Astronomy, A Physical Perspective , (Second Edition), by Marc Kutner, Cambridge University Press, Publisher This course offers a broad overview of modern astrophysics. This course is the first of a two semester sequence consisting of AST 3018 and AST 3019. This sequence is intended for majors in a physical science or engineering who have completed the first semester (i.e. mechanics and optics) of a calculus based introductory magnetism and thermodynamics). Students with special needs MUST register with the Dean of Students Office if special accommodations are expected. ALL CELL PHONES AND PAGERS MUST BE MUTED DURING CLASS! EXAMS I will give four exams. Each will consist of 24 multiple choice questions. There will be no final exam. HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS I will post homework assignments on my website on Tuesdays. They will be due the following Tuesday. NOTE:
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Syllabus, AST 3018, FALL 2011 - FALL 2011 AST 3018...

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