Syllabus, AST 3043, Summer B, 2010

Syllabus, AST 3043, Summer B, 2010 - SUMMER B, 2010 AST...

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SUMMER “B”, 2010 AST 3043 – HISTORY OF ASTRONOMY Section 4145 Monday thru Friday 3 rd Period (11:00 AM – 12:15 PM) Florida Gym – Room 210 (FLG 210) Instructor: George R. Lebo Office : 11-A Bryant Space Science Center Email: [email protected] Telephone: 392-2052 Extension 282 Office Hours: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Text: The Cambridge Concise History of Astronomy , Michael Hoskin, Editor, Cambridge University Press, Publisher This course, as intended, will be taught using very little math. However, the student should have a working knowledge of simple algebraic manipulations. Whenever potentially confusing material is encountered, I will make available copies of explanatory material. This course satisfies 3 credits of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences physical science requirement. Students with special needs MUST register with the Dean of Students Office if special accommodations are expected. EXAMS I will give three exams, one at the end of each two week period. Each will consist of 24 multiple choice questions and will be worth 24 points. They will be structured so that a little information may be worse than none as I require that you know definitions and concepts precisely. TERM PAPER Write a five page paper describing the life and work of a noted figure in astronomy who lived before 1727 (the year of Newton’s death). Be sure to credit sources for your work and explain terms using footnotes and an appendix. GRADING: Each exam will count 24 points as will the term paper. I will drop each student’s lowest score. I will determine the final curve by adding the total of the three highest scores for each student. I will then add in any extra credit points that you might have. In cases where your grade falls close to the dividing line between grades I will use my evaluation of your interest and effort
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Syllabus, AST 3043, Summer B, 2010 - SUMMER B, 2010 AST...

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