412 Syllabus Fall 2011

412 Syllabus Fall 2011 - Economics 412 Fluctuations...

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Economics 412: Fluctuations, Depression, and Inflation (Topics in Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic History, Fall 2011) Instructor: Professor Robert Barsky Office hours: M 1:20 – 2:10 356 Lorch Hall F 10:20 - 11:10 (734) 764-9476 [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION: This is an advanced undergraduate course in applied macroeconomics. We will combine theory, history, and statistics, focusing on outstanding historical episodes from the United States, and also making some use of cross-country data. The expected topics are: The 2007-2008 financial crisis; the Great Depression; fundamental and non- fundamental approaches to the stock market and other asset prices; consumer confidence; oil and the macroeconomy. If there is sufficient time, we may also discuss topics in inflation, hyperinflation, stagflation, and disinflation. The prerequisite for the course, which will be enforced, is Economics 402. COURSE MATERIALS: All of the readings are available online. These are from journals, an online encyclopedia, and other sources. The links are provided in the Economics 412 Course Tools website. Macroeconomics by Mankiw or a comparable intermediate textbook is recommended for review of basic macroeconomic models. ASSIGNMENTS: There will be two take-home exams and a “lab report”, which will involve analysis of graphs and tables that I will provide, on an interesting topical issue. The two exams and the lab report will each count one-third towards the final grade. Both exams and the lab
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412 Syllabus Fall 2011 - Economics 412 Fluctuations...

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