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Complete the pathway of the sperm : 1._______________________ 2. epididymis 3. vas deferens 4.____________ Identify structures involved in the composition of semen a) genetic information = ________________________ b) fructose sugar = ____________________________ c) alkaline fluids =_____________________________ d) additional alkaline fluids=____________________________ Draw a sperm and label sperm structures Acrosome – Head (genetic material)-Midpiece (mitochondria)-Tail (flagellum) Complete the pathway of the egg 1._______________ 2. swept into the _____________________by the fimbrae
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Unformatted text preview: 3. ________________,if fertilization does not occur, out of the body via 4._________________ Draw an egg (secondary oocyte) and label structures below Corona radiata (signals sperm & nourish egg) – zona pellucida (prevent multiple sperm from entering egg) – secondary oocyte (egg) Female Reproductive Cycle Identify the hormones and events in the reproductive cycle by completing the following diagram. Pituitary FSH LH 1 5 14 28 Day Ovary Ovary Uterus progesteron e Menses estrogen Oocyte matures Ovulation Endometrial Lining Stays Intact Corpus Luteum...
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