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intro - More information EEL 6935 Electronic Navigation...

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1 EEL 6935 EEL 6935 Electronic Navigation Systems Electronic Navigation Systems Instructor: Eric Sutton Office: GERC, Shalimar, FL Phone: (850) 833 9350 E-mail: [email protected] Homepage: http: //www.ecsutton.ece.ufl.edu/ 2 More information T/A: Hyun-chong Cho, [email protected] Time: Tuesday 3:00-4:55, Thursday 4:05-4:55 Place: NEB ??? Warning : unusual format! Most classes will be on tape My office is located in Shalimar I will visit Gainesville approximately 3-4 times during the semester Text: Pratap Misra & Per Enge, Global Positioning System: Signals, Measurements, and Performance E-mail list: send me an e-mail with the subject heading : Add me to ENS e-mail list 3 Prerequisites Students should have undergraduate-level classes in: Linear systems theory Control systems Communications Students should also have some background in: Signal processing Fourier transforms Probability and random variables Linear algebra Good programming skills in C (or C/C++) and Matlab 4 Grading Homework 15% Labs 45% Mid-term Exam 20% Final Exam 20%
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5 Homework There will be several homework assignments. All homework is to be done on an individual basis. Homework due dates will be posted on the web page. Homework is due at the beginning of class on the date posted. Late homework will not be accepted. 6 Labs/Projects There will be a total of 6 labs/projects. Please review the lab assignments on the class web page as soon as possible.
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