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Unformatted text preview: EEL 6562 – Lab Report Honor Statement Assignment: The following are specifically allowed: • Verbal discussion of the assignment of a very general nature; examples of this include: – Discussion of the relative merits of competing algorithms. – Discussion of programming or algorithmic pitfalls to avoid. – Discussion of top level approach to the assignment or overall strategy for successfully completing the assignment. • Help with aspects of the assignment not directly related to the course content; examples of this include: – Help with compiler or operating system problems. – Help with programming syntax and technique. – Help with printing and word processing. – Help with grammar, punctuation, and spelling. – General proof reading. • Any help supplied by the professor or T/A. The following are absolutely forbidden: • Transfer of a complete lab report in any form to or from another student. • Any electronic transfer of code or text suitable for inclusion in a lab report. • Transfer of complete answers to any of the questions asked in the assignment. • Transfer of a section of program code more than 10 lines in length. • Transfer of text suitable for inclusion in a lab report more than 3 sentences in length. On my honor, I have abided by the guidelines above, this report is substantially my own work, and I have not copied any significant part of this report from any outside source without proper attribution. Signature Name (print) Date ...
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