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lab_policies - computers all lab files must be erased...

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University of Florida Dr. Gugel ECE Dept. ECE EEL3701: Lab Rules & Policies 1. Pre-labs are due at the BEGINNING of lab. Students will not be allowed into lab unless they have submitted their pre-labs. Pre-labs must be submitted during the first 10 minutes of lab. 2. Students must show up to lab no later than 10 minutes after the scheduled starting time. 3. All Quartus design files must be FULLY COMMENTED . The TA’s will not give credit if there are no comments. This applies to both pre-lab and in-lab material. 4. All Quartus design files must have the following information included as a header: * Lab: 7 Part 2 * Name: Al E. Gator * TA Name: Clem * Description: Multiplex Design Circuit Quartus design files without the above information will not be accepted . 5. Students are NOT to leave copies of their files in the 3701 lab computers. After using the
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Unformatted text preview: computers, all lab files must be erased before leaving. TA’s finding such material will deduct points from the student’s lab score. 6. Students are NOT to work in groups. There should only be 1 student sitting at each computer or laptop. 7. The student will download this form from the class website and keep it as a reference throughout the semester. By signing below the student agrees to follow the above proposed lab rules and policies. Signature: ___________________________ Date: _____________ Name: ___________________________ E-mail: ___________________________ 4-digit Password: _________________ (used to retrieve grade information) Your password must be 4-digits or less and may not use “?” or “*”....
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