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EEL 3701 Lab Kit – Parts List Your TA will give your kits to you on the first day of lab. Please check your kit to make sure it has all of the parts listed below. Put checks in the “Got it?” column and report to your TA any missing parts. Use caution when using the IC (chip) puller to pull out chips from the breadboard. It is possible to inadvertently fling out the chip and hurt you or someone else and possibly damage an eye. You should straighten the pins on your ICs before first inserting them. Tools are available in the lab for this purpose. Parts for the UF-3701 Board (CPLD breakout board) are shown in bold and red . Part Description Units Got it? Toolbox 1 Digital Multimeter 1 Wire kit (pre-stripped for protoboard) 1 5V regulated Power Supply (AC Adapter) 1 Breadboard w/ red & black connectors 1 IC (chip) puller 1 Dip Switches (8x1) 2 Single 3-point switch (SPDT)* 1 LEDs (10x1) 2 2.2k resistor pack SIP (9/package) 2 1k resistor package (RPack) DIP (8/package)
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