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14/10/2011 1 BIOL 112 Midterm Stuff Midterm viewings next week: Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri from 3 pm–5 pm Held in Wesbrook room 238 PW i M/C ti iti kh PeerWise M/C question writing workshops Next week starting on Monday See VISTA to sign up! For both students who did Mid #1 workshop (called level 2) and for students NEW to the workshop. 86% of Mid #1 workshop attendees said they would recommended this workshop to other BIOL 112 students! Prokaryotic Transcription Cells can control the amount of protein made from a given gene. Bacteria can achieve this at the level of transcription by: 1. Changing the base pair at the +1 site downstream from the promoter. 2. Making the gene shorter. 3. Reducing the number of nucleotides between the 10 box and 35 box in the promoter. 4. Eliminating the need for sigma in the RNA polymerase. 5. Varying the promoter consensus sequence. A. 1 and 3 B. 4 only C. 2 and 4 D. 3 and 5 E. All of the above An E. coli cell produces large amounts of the outer membrane protein LamB (~ 10,000 copies/cell). Which of the following statements are reasonable explanations for this observation? 1. Lots of LamB mRNA is synthesized. 2. The LamB gene sequence is short taking less time to transcribe. 3. Sigma binds with a high degree of affinity to the LamB promoter. 4. Once translation begins there are multiple ribosomes attached along the length of the LamB mRNA length of the LamB mRNA. 5. Once a RNA polymerase has moved downstream of the LamB promoter another sigma is able to bind to the promoter. A. 1 and 2 B. 3 and 4 C. 1 and 5 D. None of the above E. All of the above Prokaryotic Transcription 10 box Promoter sequence (one strand) 35 box +1 site Upstream DNA Sigma Initiating Transcription in Bacteria Active site Downstream DNA RNA polymerase Sigma binds to promoter sequence of DNA. This green blob has multiple subunits (@5)
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14/10/2011 2 5 3 mRNA NH 3 COOH protein 5’ 3’ DNA 5’ 3’ ABCDE Which the region has the promoter? 5 3 mRNA NH 3 COOH protein 5’ 3’ DNA 5’ 3’ Which the region has the +1 site? Summary for transcription 1. RNA polymerase can find promoters on the DNA. 2. The sequence of the promoter directs the polymerase to start and which direction to go.
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Biol 112 - Oct. 14 (C) - BIOL112MidtermStuff...

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