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Mastering Physics 1

Mastering Physics 1 - MasteringPhysics Assignment Print...

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Assignment 1 - Week 2 Due: 11:59pm on Friday, September 16, 2011 Note: To understand how points are awarded, read your instructor's Grading Policy . [ Switch to Standard Assignment View] 15.9 Note this is seawater. Problem 15.9 A research submarine has a 30.0 -diameter window 8.10 thick. The manufacturer says the window can withstand forces up to 1.00 × 10 6 . What is the submarine's maximum safe depth? Part A The pressure inside the submarine is maintained at 1.0 atm. ANSWER: 1400 Correct 15.7 Assume that this is an open vat. Problem 15.7 A 1.50 -diameter vat of liquid is 2.90 deep. The pressure at the bottom of the vat is 1.30 . Part A What is the mass of the liquid in the vat? ANSWER: 5480 Correct 15.32 This is a relatively short distance, so you can assume that the density of the air is constant. Problem 15.32 A gymnasium is 14.0 high. Part A By what percent is the air pressure at the floor greater than the air pressure at the ceiling? ANSWER: 0.175 % MasteringPhysics: Assignment Print View http://session.masteringphysics.com/myct/assignmentPrintVi... 1 of 6 11-10-02 7:40 PM
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Correct Pressure in the Ocean The pressure at 10 below the surface of the ocean is about 2.00 × 10 5 . Part A Which of the following statements is true? Hint A.1 How to approach the problem Since pressure is defined as force per unit area, the pressure at a given depth below the surface of the ocean is the normal force on a small area at that depth divided by that area. Thus, given the pressure at 10 you can determine the normal force on a unit area at that depth. Also recall that, in general, the pressure in a fluid varies with height, but it also depends on the external pressure applied to the fluid. In the case of the ocean, the external pressure
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