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14 - Remarrige and Step Parenting

14 - Remarrige and Step Parenting - Remarriage&...

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Unformatted text preview: Remarriage & Stepparenting Remarriage & Stepparenting Unique characteristics: All stepfamily members have experienced important losses all members come with histories or 'baggage' parent­child bonds predate the couple relationship a biological parent exists somewhere children are often members of 2 households Remarriage & Stepparenting Remarriage & Stepparenting Developmental tasks for remarried family systems: courtship and preparation for remarriage early remarriage: defining critical tasks middle remarriage: restructuring boundaries late remarriage: strengthening emotional bonds Space holder for notes Remarriage & Stepparenting Remarriage & Stepparenting Problematic Triangles: triangles with ex­spouse triangles within remarried system triangles between extended families ...
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