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Unformatted text preview: Middle Adulthood Middle Adulthood Tasks: launching children accommodate to individuation of children Middle Adulthood Middle Adulthood 1. Launching children gender differences mothers fathers effects crisis when: children provide couple with sense of meaning children stabilize a conflicted marriage Middle Adulthood Middle Adulthood 2. Individuation of children sources of stress children's changing perspective on their development parent's changing demands on children adolescence launching renesting Middle Adulthood Middle Adulthood post­parenting child must see parents as human beings not parents give up unmet expectations and accept parents the way they are give up the need to be parented address feelings of intimidation or fear of parental rejection/disapproval make decisions without fear of parents reaction Middle Adulthood Middle Adulthood parent must see child as adult give up unmet expectations overcome need to parent resolve fears of abandonment deal with anxiety of relating as equals Later Life Later Life Tasks: Rebalancing work and family Coping with physical change Grandparenthood Renegotiating the parent­child relationship in later life Later Life Later Life 1. Rebalancing work and family 1. retirement Coping with physical change behavioral slowing coping with frailty Later Life Later Life 3. Grandparenthood types: reserve parent family arbitrator family historian styles: companionate remote involved Later Life Later Life 4. Parent­child relationship in later life caregiving ­ carereceiving relationship mutual tolerance hierarchical ­ passive relationship hierarchical ­ rebellious relationship Page holder for notes Page holder for notes ...
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