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Information Regarding the Organic Chemistry 1 Laboratory Practical Exam The lab exam will be comprised of three section with a total number of tasks to be completed (from 6-8) that will cover techniques, procedures and calculations performed or used throughout the semester in lab. You will be allowed to use ONLY your lab notebook and a calculator; all necessary equipment and/or chemicals will be provided. Each lab section will be divided in half so only 12 people will be in lab at once, the other 12 will be in room 335 (the chemistry computer learning center) to work on the hard copy and Blackboard questions (i.e., no lab equipment or chemicals required). After 90 minutes (or 1 ½ hours), the two groups will switch places. You will be notified by email which location you report to first. Both locations will be proctored – no talking in either location or when switching between locations! Note:
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