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Memo To: Jane E. Fitzgibbon Ph.D. From: Henry Mai Date: September 29, 2011 Subject: Speech Assessment After careful evaluation, I have picked up many things I need to work on. Delivery I took notice on my delivery. It seems I needed to talk with more confidents. I need to speak louder to my audience. I tend to sway around too much. As if, I feel very awkward. It appeared that I have started out great but as the speech went on I felt scared of what I was talking about. My eye contact was not how I would like them to be. I feel that reading my memo took away my connection with the audience. Content and Organization As for my content and organization, I feel that the information was clear. I took the time
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Unformatted text preview: to explain my thoughts and actions. However, it took me too long. It cost me to go over my time limit. I am glad I was able to make people laugh, in order to make it more personable. I do feel that claims I have made did sport what I talked about. Goals My goals are to have better eye contact with my audience. Create confidence in my speech in order for my personality to show. I do need to work on the K.I.S.S for my content. That way I can work on my timing. Overall, I need to practice on public speaking and confidence....
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